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Our story

Since 1997, this team has developed the software which is the predecessor of openNaEF aiming at automation of network design by software. Since 2003, based on MVO, TEF architecture, we have improved the NaEF framework and upgraded it. Meanwhile,
At the same time.the software has been adopted as a design automation system for major carriers and data center operators in Japan, and has responded to various their  demands. 
Since a couple of years ago we have been conducting research and development with the Okinawa Open Laboratory aiming at fusion of SDN technology and NaEF technology.
We decided to release the concept as an open source this spring.

Our vision

OpenNaEF was born with the following concept
- Virtual, Visual, Versatile, Variable
-Multi Vendor, Multi Layer, Multi Technology

OpenNaEF aims to be an engine that can autonomously configure a network infrastructure that is a blend of virtual and physical, in the era of SDx and Whitebox Networking. We set the goal that OpenNaEF will grow as an autonomous operation support engine by learning people's network operation to various aims and feeds the results back to the next operation scene

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